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Frequently asked questions

At International PDR we set our path on a mission to provide a better experience for auto hail repair – one designed around customers’ needs that provides a higher level of quality and service affordably. We do this through advanced repair techniques, excellent customer service, and the efficient use of technology. Our entire team believes in building trust-based relationships with our customers. Rather than simply giving you an estimate and fixing your car dent(s), International PDR aims to be your home-base for all things related to auto hail repair – file for an insurance claim on your behalf, navigate complex insurance questions, help with your deductible coverage, provide a free rental car, offer valet services, and provide an unbeatable lifetime warranty. As we grow, we’ll continue to add more services to make our offerings as comprehensive as possible.

  • What is Paintless Dent Repair?
    Paintless Small Dent Repair is the science of removing dents by pushing or pulling on the factory finish, leaving the vehicle in its original state before the damage. This process stands in stark contrast to a body shop that uses fillers and paints to achieve the same results. An analogy from the medical field would be the difference of a 30-minute chiropractor visit versus undergoing surgery to relieve back pain. Both remedies produce the same results, but the long-term effects of the later could be more damaging to your body's longevity. If done professionally, one can expect virtually perfect results with Paintless Dent Repair, at a fraction of the cost of a body shop. Essentially, this science, also known as dentology, removes minor pressure blemishes from a vehicle's outer surface, using leverage from behind the dent. We have a dent repair cost estimator online! Get a car dent repair cost with a mobile paintless dent repair near me, now.
  • Can a hail damage claim increase my insurance rates?
    Absolutely not. Hail damage is considered a comprehensive claim or an “Act of Nature,” which is an event that no one can predict. Insurance companies will not hold these claims against your insurance record, nor will they increase your premiums. Ask your agent about comprehensive claims and they will say the same thing.
  • How much does auto hail repair cost?
    Auto hail repair costs can vary tremendously depending on many factors like the car condition and the damages. Very light damage usually runs around $3,000 while estimates on severely damaged cars needing panels and parts replaced can exceed $15,000. However, hail damage is covered under a comprehensive insurance claim. When you repair your car at The Hail Group, there usually aren’t any out-of-pocket expenses, including repair costs, insurance deductibles, nor rental vehicles. For customers who don’t have comprehensive insurance, give us a call to get custom pricing. It’s always fair and transparent.
  • What if my insurance company doesn’t cover a rental car while my car is being fixed?
    If your insurance company doesn’t cover car rental and your car must stay at our shop for repairs, ask one of our expert if you car qualified for a rental. We work with local rental car companies to have you getting around while the car is in the shop.
  • What are the limitations of Paintless Dent Repair?
    Paintless Dent Repair has a myriad of limitations. Mainly, as the name suggests, Paintless Dent Repair doesn’t do much with paint. In some cases a technician may add some light touch-up to a repair, but for the most part: anything with significant paint loss is not a candidate for the dentless process.
  • Is lifetime warranty policy included?
    One of the benefits of Paintless Dent Repair is that once the metal has been bent back to its original position, it will stay that way for the life of the vehicle. If anything ever comes up with your car down the line that you believe to have been a result of our repair, call us and we will make it right!
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